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The institute has constituted IIIC (Industry Institute Interaction Cell) which continuously monitors the institute-industry interface exists in the areas of collaboration, MoU’s, industrial projects, industrial in-plant training for the undergraduate students.


The objective of the III Cell is to reduce the gap between industry expectations (practice) and academic offerings (theory) by direct involvement of industry to academia. All the Stakeholders, namely: Institutions, Industry, Students and Society stand to gain as it can be a win-win partnership. The Institutions stand to gain by way of up to date curricula, source of revenue generation by consultancy and R & D, source of manpower for employment, societal relevance, and most importantly acquisition of brand name/equity; industry stands to gain by way of availability of employable manpower pool, and increased productivity; faculty stand to gain by way of exposure to latest industry practices for more effective teaching-learning processes, etc; students stand to gain by way of hands-on training, reduction of learning curve in industrial practices; and, society stands to gain by way of improved quality of goods and services.


  • To cultivate the strong links with industry
  • To promote various industrial activities by the faculty members and students
  • To catalyze the further growth and development of interaction between the Institute and Industry
  • To have a closer linkage and promote research suited to industry needs, and consultancy which creates a sense of owning among faculty members.
  • To provide continuing education to people working in industries so that they can upgrade their technical knowledge, and / or obtain higher degrees; this orients the faculty members towards the industry from the portals of College i.e. Academics.
  • To enable academics to take a sabbatical in industries; provide internships for students in industries, which will prepare the students better for entering the industry;
  • To create an industrial chair in the university; and to enable the appointment of experienced industry resource persons as visiting faculty in the College
  • To bring about MOU’S and Agreements with various industrial and research organizations in different fields and sectors to promote various forms of interactions

Constitution of Industry Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC):

Sr. No Name Designation
1 Dr. T.T. Shelake Chairman (Principal of Institute)
2 Mr. H. S. Kapare IIIC Co-ordinator
3 Mrs.M. T.Salve Academic research Co-ordinator
4 Mr. H. S. Kapare Training and Placement Officer
5 To be nominated Student representative
6 To be nominated Industry Advisory Member
7 To be nominated Industry Advisory Member
8 To be nominated Industry Advisory Member


Details of collaboration with National/International institutes / industries through IIIC:

Sr. No Collaboration Objective
1 To be identified and collaborated Industrial training programme and industrial visit
2 To be identified and collaborated Formulation and development of herbal formulations
3 To be identified and collaborated Sponsorship for organizing Sanjivani Avishkar-2016


Details of Activities Conducted through IIIC

Sr. No Activities Date Name of Resource Person/ Industry Address
1 Industrial Visit 03/12/2017 SG Phytotochem Pvt. Ltd B-53,d-21 MIDC, Gokul, Shirgaon, Kolhapur


Planned Activities under Industry-Institute Interaction Cell:

  1. Industrial Research & Consultancy
  2. Sponsored industrial research
  3. Use of industrial labs by College
  4. Use of specialized database / lab equipment of the college
  5. Research guidance from industry
  6. Joint research publication
  7. Solutions for field problems
  8. Analysis & Design problems
  9. Research fellowship support
  10. Short-Term Training Programmes
  11. Collaborative Educational Programmes